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    The Necco Candy Company is closing down the Pewaukee, WI plant that manufactures the tasty candy morsels known as Candy Raisins. They are moving most of the production of this plant to another in Massachusetts, but the fate of Candy Raisins remains up the the air. Please sign this petition to help save this great little candy treat! If you have a Candy Raisin story to share with us, be sure to fill out the comment box. We'll be publishing the best stories on a Your Stories page soon. Your information will NOT be shared with any third parties.

    After you have added your name to this petition an e-mail will be sent to the given address to confirm your signature. Please make sure that your e-mail address is correct or you will not receive this e-mail and your name will not be counted.


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    Last 25 signatories

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    jeffrey huff
    Nikki Grabow, "These are sooo AWESOME!please bring them back! I keep looking for them in every candy store! Yummy!!"
    Brian Bauman, "I love them and miss them."
    Dennis, "Please oh please bring them back."
    paul wilke, "love since the 60's"
    Nancy McGee, "LOVE Candy Raisons!!"
    Michelle Van Meter, "I NEED my candy raisins back!! "
    Shirley McLean
    LitLipvicky, "hi what is the meaning of life ?."
    Susan, "We need the original recipe candy raisins to be made again. The new copies are not the same flavor or texture. They are both too sticky and stick to my teeth. Bring back the originals!"
    raksSmombibia, "kino online http://hdishka.net"
    Mario Klein
    Paul Berken, "I used to walk my baby sister to a little candy store (Wahl's, I think in Cudahy, Wisconsin) when I was just a boy of 9 years (my sister was 4) and we used to get our favorite treat ever "Candy Raisins", they were 8 pieces for just a penny!"
    Blaine Gellings, "I've eaten these for 52 years!!! Please bring them back... :-("
    Dean Verhein, "The best candy ever made !!!!!!!"
    Thomas Kolter, "How can you not sell these anymore, I loved them and miss them and would buy them if you sold them and why not a Sugar Free version that would be popular."
    Rick Shady
    Jenifer, "Miss the candy raisins...so much!!!!"
    Troy stabelfeldt, "My family loves these!! We been looking for then for years now!! Bring them back!! We're all in! I grew up in the Milwaukee area as well."
    Anthony Cruz, "I miss candy Raisins So much! :("
    Sara Wenger, "I grew up near Milwaukee. My dad bought us kids (8 of us) candy raisins on his way home from work. He passed away. We have been trying to buy some in memory of him at our family reunions. Please continue making them, it would mean a lot to us. Thank you."
    sharon jablonski, "Bring back the candy raisins, They are the best. I loved them as a child growing up in Mil. They should continue to be made for present and future generations to enjoy them. sharon jablonski"