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    The Necco Candy Company is closing down the Pewaukee, WI plant that manufactures the tasty candy morsels known as Candy Raisins. They are moving most of the production of this plant to another in Massachusetts, but the fate of Candy Raisins remains up the the air. Please sign this petition to help save this great little candy treat! If you have a Candy Raisin story to share with us, be sure to fill out the comment box. We'll be publishing the best stories on a Your Stories page soon. Your information will NOT be shared with any third parties.

    After you have added your name to this petition an e-mail will be sent to the given address to confirm your signature. Please make sure that your e-mail address is correct or you will not receive this e-mail and your name will not be counted.


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    Last 25 signatories

    Cole Geyser, "I have tried the new one and do not like. Too gummy and flavor not right. ~Cole"
    doug hordyk, "there is no comparison to the newer version. it is not the correct flavor or texture. i believe the original flavor was more of lavender and the consistancy was not as rubbery."
    mary pearson, "Please bring back the candy rasin i miss them so"
    Ann Vallejo, "If our group knew about this, we would have signed the petition sooner. They were my Mothers favorite candies and have since become ours. Please bring back our beloved candy!"
    Patricia Vallejo, "who has the recipe?? I'LL MAKE THEM MYSELF!"
    merry, "we need candy raisins back!"
    Ellen Rouleau, "Please get the Raisins back to Milwaukee, the Southside misses them."
    Brad Doney, "please bring back my favorite candy!"
    jc jablonski, "Candy raisins are what I miss most since Goldman's closed"
    Richard Buse, "Candy raisins are a Milwaukee-area staple. They cannot go away!"
    Bradford Kekipi, "I want to get some please"
    leslie cameli
    Patricia Kosterman, "Please bring back the candy raisins to Wisconsin!"
    Beverly Heacock, "I was born and raised in Milwaukee. I loved this candy. The last time I ate them was in 2001. I ordered 35 lbs. to have that childhood taste . Heavenly. Please don't stop making them. :("
    DeeDee, "Love this candy! Please bring it back or share the formula."
    misterbins, "Реальные знакомства для Вас"
    ryan kawczynski, "Please bring candy raisins back or at least release the formula. Press"
    steven foellmi
    Tony, "For the love of God, please sell the manufacturing process to someone who still believes in the enterprising spirit or bring them back yourself."
    Joe, "My all time Favorite candy"
    geogeVenSar, "Hello. I wanted to invite you to my hipnosis website where you will learn a lot about hypnosis.you can use hipnosis to improve your life como hipnotizar"
    Eric Kromraj, "I need my childhood candy bad I'm 23 and I love raisins! My mom likes them too!"
    M Berry, "I miss these candies. They were my favorite. I'm sad now :( Please reconsider."
    Marysue, "Probably too late, but hope springs eternal . . . ."
    Diane Gigl, "Why are all the good things in life disappearing. Come on Necco bring some good back into the world!"