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    A selection of the impassioned comments from our petition signers:

    “I was born in Milwaukee but raised in AK, now live in WA. My grandparents always sent me candy raisins wherever I was. Save our raisins!!”

    “I’m 48 years old and my mother still buys me candy raisins…what would she buy me if they go away!”

    “On behalf of my fabulous friend Sara and her raisin-crazed family, please please keep making the candy raisins. I’m not sure they’ll survive without them!”

    “When I lived in Wis I loved candy raisins. They were/are my favorite treat!! I have since moved to California and anyone that knows me knows to bring me or ship to me bags and bags of those nummy candies. Please save them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    “My mom ate these candies nonstop while I was a kid and I have grown to love them myself. She always begs her Wisconsin friends to ship more out and everytime I can’t stop myself from digging into one of her secret stash! Please bring them back!”

    “My mom often gets shipments from her friends back in Wisconsin of these candies. I’m still young and want to be able to share this candy with my kids when I’m older as my mom has done with me!”

    “Please continue offering the CAndy Raisins. I was introduced to them by my mother in the late 1930’s. What a shame to make them extinct. When my sister visits from FL a large purchase of the candy raisins is part of her shopping for home.”

    “Please do not let them die! They’re the only candy of their kind in the U.S. and a great memory for many of us who’ve spent a lot of time in the Midwest.”

    “Please save the Candy Raisins! They are a great reminder of my childhood and shopping at Prange’s!”

    “I bought my first raisins 5 for a penny at the Lafayette school store. When I visit home I always buy 2 pounds for my family and then one for me! My daughter is in Europe and I send them to her. Eugene OR”

    “These are my favorite candy and have memories dating back to the JC Penny candy counter where my dad and I would buy a small bag of these and share them while my mother shopped. PLEASE think twice about eliminating these from your stock”

    “Memories of my grandfather’s candy shop in the Hills Department store in Sheboygan. Please save the candy raisins!”

    “Since moving from The Milwaukee area in 1980 I have depended on my family to send candy raisins each Christmas! Please save the candy raisins!”

    “PLEASE don’t stop making these. This last summer when we had out of town relatives visit they took 10 bags back to Arkansas. This is our favorite candy”

    “I have enjoyed candy raisins for a very long time, every time I visit Wisc now, which i now reside in Arizona, i purchase bags of candy raisins or i have people send them to me in Arizona. Please don’t make them go away.”

    “I couldn’t believe when my mother recently told me of the possible fate of the Milwaukee candy. Please don’t take them away, the smell and taste take me back to the exact smells of my early childhood.”

    “About 15 years ago I lost my sweet tooth, with exactly one exception. Candy Raisins. As the only candy I enjoy, I’d be devastated to see these guys disappear.”

    “NO-save the raisins. I buy, fly or ship them to my family in Florida a few times a year!! They are devastated!! Thank you!”

    “I have grown up on Candy Raisins! Now that I live in CT, I don’t have access to them anymore. I rely on my mother to bring me bags and bags of them every time she visits. I would miss the little raisin dearly if it became extinct….”

    “This cannot be - It must be on The Historic Registry. It is like drinking a special wine.”

    “I lived in NY for 10 yrs and had to have family ship them to me on a monthly bases. Now that I have moved back to Wisconsin how can you take them away. I purchase a bag about once a week if not more.”

    “I spend winter in FL and summer in WI (born and raised in WI), and insist than any winter visitors MUST come packed with my favorite candy, Candy Raisins…… We are heading back north soon,and can’t wait for my raisins.”

    “25 years ago, when I got my first retail job in a Mall, I lived on Candy raisins! When I moved out of Wisconsin, I could never find them! No one even heard of them! Please keep making them, and send some to Ohio!!! I will definitely buy them!”

    “Each XMas my Aunt & G’Ma hand out huge bags of this candy. It has such sentiment in our family as we have lost several family members over the past 10 years & the candy brings back fond memories.”

    “As a resident of Sonoma Co. CA, I would trade all our wine for the continuing production of candy raisins!”

    “I learned math skills at the corner store figuring how many Candy Raisins I could buy with 25 cents. I’m 49 and teach my grandson math with them now. Mostly subtraction!!”

    “I’m unable to purchase these tasty treats in my home state. Everytime I visit the Milwaukee area, I buy bags to take home. My mother and I munch on them during marathon Scrabble games. They help improve my memory!”

    “I am 70 years old and I have been eating candy raisins since I was five years old. My four children and eight grand-children give them to me every fathers day, birthday, and Christmas every year. Don’t stop making them . PLEASE!!!!”

    “This is my Mother In-laws favorite candy! What will I give her for Mothers Day and Birthdays if you stop selling these?”

    “I now live in Kennebunkport, ME and I have my brother-in-law mail some candy raisins to me several times a year. I have gotten my grandchildren to look forward to having some whenever they are visiting. Please don’t stop making them.”

    “When I travel out east to visit my daughter, candy raisins are in my luggage next to the kringles.”

    “These little candies have been a staple in my family ever since I can remember. The first place my nieces & nephews go to when they come over is the candy jar that always is filled with candy raisins. Please continue to make this candy”

    “I never had or heard of candy raisins untill I moved to milwaukee, now I can’t picture getting through the pick n save check out with out spontainiously grabbing a bag”

    “These are my happy childhood memories! I’m in NC now and have family ship them to me. PLEASE don’t kill the Candy Raisin!!!!”

    “Save this treat!! I love them…they are a cherished Easter treat that my Mom put in my basket!! I cont. the tradition with my children who are now grown. I just bought myself a bag today, then came across the article in the paper.”

    “I have been eating candy raisins all my life! I now live in Texas & have family send them to me via the mail! I load up on Pounds to bring back to Texas when I visit also, I REALLY Can’t get enought! Please save them!”

    “I’m 59 years old and I remember buying candy raisins at the penny candy store and for one cent you got 4 candy raisins. Now my 4 grandchildren are hooked on them thanks to grandpa N. Please don’t break their hearts and mine too. Tedd”

    “At my Grandpa’s funeral we were given the candy raisins as a rememberance because they were his FAVORITE!! Please save them!!”

    “Candy Raisins remind me of times with my grandmother. She would always have them on hand when I visited.”

    “My wife loves them, and her cousins who live in Alaska do too! Please keep makin’ ‘em.”

    “My wife is disgusted by them, but I love them! My mom got me started at a young age, and I can’t get enough. I live in Denver, and am always frustrated that I can’t get them.”

    “Candy raisins were one of the things that soldiers were asking for and we were sending candy raisins along with other items. Please don’t stop making them!!!!”

    “As I diabetic, I must have a sugar source with me at all times in case of insulin reaction, and I’ve carried Candy Raisins for 27 years. They work perfectly and are delicious too! Please continue making them.”

    “I learned to love the candy raisins as a child and now a 58 adult I travel from northern Wisconsin down to Mil (a 5 hour drive) every two months to get my supply, usually a 6-8 pound FIX. SAVE OUR RAISINS. I’ll die without them. HELP.”

    “When I was away at college in Iowa, care packages from Mom were always sure to include a supply of Candy Raisins…mmm…Save the Candy Raisin!”

    “I have a friend in Vegas who is crazy for them. I send 5-10 bags at a time. In the process, I’ve become attached to them, too. We need to keep the candy raisins!!”

    “My brother & I always get my Dad a pound of these for christmas. It started off as the best gift we could afford, then became a joke & is now a tradition — boy will he be devastated if they go away!!! Besides, they are so yummy. ;)”

    “Even though I’m a “Weight Watcher” my big treat are those great candy raisins. I just figure them into my points. Please don’t stop making them.”

    “Living in Oregon now, but I always try to stock up on the raisons when I am back in Milwaukee. I tell friends they taste like soap, but ginger does sound more appealing.”

    “My great grandmother first introduced me to candy raisins. The candy reminds me of wonderful times spent with family. Please continue to produce this product as I’d like to share it one day with my children.”

    “We live in Tx. I only have 2 bags left. Get them every year in Wi. visit our kids. In our 60’s”

    “As the remaining family member in the Pewaukee/Milwaukee area, I am now responsible for purchasing, storing and shipping as many bags as I can get my hands on for family members.”

    “I grew up in Bay View, married and lived in three states in the last 39 yrs. My biannual visits home always include a trip to buy Candy Raisins. It’s hard to imagine our planet without this favorite candy of my youth.”

    “This is a childhood memory for me. My Dad use to buy these for us at Sears. I still buy them 30+ years later”

    “my family LOVES candy raisins! it’s our only source of carnuba wax. seriously though, we love these raisins and buy them all the time–please keep selling them at least in the milwaukee area–thanks!”

    “Candy Raisens are a extra sweet special treat which I purchase for my sisters who are unable to get them in Kansas & Ohio. Save Candy Raisens”

    “Candy raisins mean summer in your backyard with your best neighborhood friends, sitting around sharing them and hanging out laughing!!!”

    “The raisins have travelled to Europe, Asia, South America and Australia with me. Please give them a chance to see Africa and Antartica too!”

    “Please don’t stop making them this has been a family tradition for years they were even handed out at my Dads funeral luncheon.”

    “Thanks to the candy makers, who gave us this delicious treat. It’s incredible that a piece of candy can create such wonderful memories. Candy raisins are as good as gold”

    “Both my husband and I buy candy raisins whenever wh can get out hands on them. Living in Arizona, it’s not as easy, but we try and keep them stocked in the house. My Mom sometimes sends me some from Wisconsin too. Please keep producing them!”

    “This very Unique Treat is a fond remembrance of a simple time of childhood. Don’t take it away!!! My 51 year old brother will be devastated! I’ve always liked them…but he NEEDS them!”

    “I grew up eating candy raisins. I go into my mom’s candy cupboard every time I come home, searching for them. I honestly started going through the stages of grief when I found out they may be going away forever.”

    “You will have a WHOLE houseful of sad car riders…we always take candy raisins on long car trips.”

    “The world without candy raisins will be said. :(”

    “Even though I almost choked to death on candy raisins once, I still love ‘em. They are unique little nuggets in the world of candy.”

    “I grew up in Wisconsin and candy raisins have been a family tradition for over 40 years. You can’t get them anywhere else in the country. “SAVE THE CANDY RAISINS!!!!!”

    “taking away the candy raisin is like tearing up the Declaration Of Independence , it just cannot happen. please help :(”

    “I live in France but grew up in Milwaukee. My family has been exporting candy raisins to France for years. I have been known to hide the bags from my kids!”

    “r u kidding?…get rid of them? i run a concession stand for a local little league and this is my #1 seller, from adults to little toddlers. please dont discontinue them. p.s. they’re my favorite too”

    “My Mom served them when it was her turn to host card club. I’m 55 now, and living in Georgia. My mom often sends them to me as gifts. Please keep making them for all of us who know the real pleasures of this world.”

    “I now live in Florida and have family send me the raisins. I can live without the snow, but please don’t take away my childhood memories!”

    “I live in Baltimore and have family from Milwaukee bring candy raisins everytime the visit.”

    “I grew up with these and a hundred other items that are truely Wisconsin! We have all lost many of these things over the years. Candy Raisins cannot be another truely wisconsin item that goes the way of the dodo. SAVE THE CANDY RAISINS!!”

    “This has been my favorite candy since I was a little kid. My sisters still buy them for me a as treat and I’m now 40 yrs. old.”

    “I’m not a finatic, but you’d say I’m a pretty good fan. Loosing the candy raisins would be like losing a little part of my childhood past. I still enjoy these candies to this day and would hate to see them go.”

    “We LOVE candy raisins. My kids have been eatting them since they could basically chew food. We buy the constantly. Please don’t get rid of the candy raisins….my kids and I will be heartbroken.”

    “Ever since I sold Candy Raisins at Woolworth’s as a teen, I have loved them. Woolworth’s is gone. So are my teens. Please save the raisin!”

    “I used to always take the candy raisins when I visited my friend’s mom. I LOVE them. They carry fond memories. Please don’t discontinue them.”

    “My boyfriend loves Tab and candy raisins. He always has a bag or two at work.”

    “Please don’t discontinue my favorite ‘raisin’. I’ve been eating them since I was a little girl. My grandma introduced them to me and I’ve been eating them ever since. Thanks.”

    “loved them as a kid … still do … even in CA”

    “I have had candy raisins all my life and didn’t realize they were a Wisconsin only candy. It’s about time the rest of the country is introduced to the sweet delight - they’ll be one of the biggest sellers in no time!”

    “It wouldn’t be Easter without candy raisins in the basket!”

    “I live in Arizona now and order them online, please don’t stop making them!!!”

    “I have relatives that moved from Milwaukee to other states who ask me to buy the raisins for them”

    “I can remember. I now live in Colorado Springs. Relatives send them to me from Milwaukee. I purchase them to bring home When I visit. Please continue to manufacture them. It would be even better if I could find them in Colorado Springs.”

    “One of my favorite childhood memories is of my grandpa “pulling” Candy Raisins out of my hair. They are one of my favorite candies.”

    “I love candy raisins, and since I moved to Texas I don’t get them very often except when my friend sends me some. Please keep making them!”

    “Candy Raisins were my Mother’s favorite candy and since she passed away, whenever I have some, it reminds me of her and brings back many fond childhood memories. Please continue to manufacture this wonderful tasty candy!”

    “I ship regularly candy raising to my daughter and grandaughers who live in France. It is their favorite candy. Can you imagine all the way to France.”

    “I am 72 years old and have always loved these things. I have to send them out of state to people who have left Milwaukee, since we know of no other place to get them.”

    “I remember these from my child hood and I’m 65 now. Try to keep them coming.”

    “Say it isn’t so! First I have to move to Boise, Idaho, and now this!”

    “I send them to my brother in Wyoming. He asks for them every time we talk. I’ll send 20 bags at a time and he freezes them. Please keep our childhood memories alive! VIVA CANDY RAISINS!”

    “I am the owner of a Milwaukee candy store/Web site and our customers love them. Not just Wisconsinites but customers from around the country are delighted to see candy raisins on our Web site and are very sad that they are going.”

    “Candy raisins are a true orginal. Love them. Cannot leave Wisconsin without buying several bags.”

    “We are slowly but surely letting go of so many “orginals” in this day and age, don’t let this one die, too!”

    “This is truly one of my all time favorites…we buy this, buy the bagful, as a “gift” for my mother-in-law for every holiday along with other presents because this is the only candy she eats!!”

    “If you discontinue the candy raisins, my coworker will surely die. This is all he eats for lunch. Don’t do it, please.”

    “When I was very young my Nana would take me to church and we would sit there for hours just me and my Nana. I was so bored and the only saving grace was that we would walk to Winkies and she would buy me candy raisins!!”

    Half Nuts is a MUST when former residents come for a visit. They usually take 5+ pounds home in their CARRYON (no chance for lost luggage). Otherwise the extra postage is WORTH it to mail for special occasions.”

    “I grew up with candy raisins. Always went to Goldman’s and bought a fresh pound every weekend. We lost Goldman’s, let’s not lose candy raisins. Just picked up 2 bags at Pick ‘N” Save - enjoying them!”

    “Don’t abandon the candy raisin. If you do, how much do you want for the recipe and production process?”

    “There are plenty of candy raisin lovers in Mukwonago! Whenever I go to my Pick n Save, they are sold out. I always buy 3 or 4 packages when I see any available. PLEASE keep producing candy raisins!”


    “As a young girl my grandparents did not have a lot of money. Each and every time I saw them, they had a bag of Candy Raisins for my brothers and I to share. When I see a Candy Raisin I always remember my grandparents. Please save this wonderful morsel.”

    “I LOVE candy raisins! Save them, save them please!!!!! Gotta squish them b4 I eat them! They are SOOOOO yummy!”

    “these candies have helped me get through some rough times and boring meetings. DON’T take away my sanity during these trying times.”

    “My grandpa used to buy candied raisons for me at the candy counter at Sears in Southridge Mall back in the 1970’s. I live in CA now and need people to send them to me . I love that candy!”

    “We come all the way from Atlanta to get these candy raisins!”

    “Definitely a lasting memory from my childhood, “2 for a penny” at the corner store in South Milwaukee. Also one of my dad’s favorite treats.”

    “A day without Candy Raisins is like a day without sunshine!”

    “NO!! Tell me it isn’t so!!! At age 48, candy raisins are still my absolute favorite. I moved to Eau Claire, WI from Milwaukee 15 years ago and my mission has been to establish other loyal candy raisin”ettes”. SAVE THE CANDY RAISINS!!”

    “I have a slue of friends that have moved out of state, that request I send this precious candy delight to them on a regular basis. It will break their hearts when they hear the news. Please don’t stop production!”

    “Care packages of the raisins along with Mrs. Howes potato chips from home got me through 6 years of active military service!”

    “My kids and I LOVE candy raisins! My husband buys them for me when I’m upset cause he knows they’re my weakness!”

    “I didnt know they were only sold in Wisconsin. I grew up on them, along with brats and sour kraut. My grandmother always had a ample supply of candy raisens when I was a child, I would go over to her house often, and devour a bag at a time!!!”

    “These are my all time favorite candy!! Ever since I’ve been a little kid, I have bought a pack every time I go to Ace Hardware … candy raisins are associated with some of my best childhood memories! Please don’t stop making them!”

    “I have my mom and friends ship out boxes of the raisins to me because I can’t get them out here in California. I grew up on these in Wisconsin and they are legendary! PLEASE DONT’T GET RID OF THEM!!”

    “I love candy Raisins! I have found them at Rainbow (here is Minneapolis), and do enjoy them from time to time!”

    “I grew up in Milwaukee and I’ve always loved candy raisins. I’ve introduced several friends to them now that I know where to find them in Madison. Please keep making them. P.S. I love the Necco wafers too, but they are really hard to find.”

    “Candy raisin have been one of my husbands favorites since childhood. He would always get them at the local hardware store. This store still has them in a big candy jar.”

    “I’ve lived in multiple states & have always missed candy raisins when living elsewhere. Please keep ‘em!”

    “I remember as a kid My grandmother who lived in West Allis always had candy raisins in the red candy jar on her dinig room hutch.”

    “Our family loves candy raisins. We buy them in bulk when we go to a movie and love to eat them at home too. If you stop making them please sell the rights and delicious recipe to another company.”

    “PLEASE don’t stop making these. There is nothing else like them out there. My dad always shared these with my brother and I watching the Sunday night mystery.”

    “I have loved eating these ever since I was a kid (over 40 years ago). PLEASE don’t stop making them!!!!”

    “My Mom and I always treat ourselves to Candy Raisins. We buy the bags because we are in love with them. With a name like Candy, who better to ask you to keep the Candy Raisins on our shelves.”

    “The possibility of no longer having candy raisins has had the same affect as Brett Farve’s retirement! Sharing that handful of candy raisins is still a family tradition. If you have a heart please find a way to keep up production!”

    “Save the candy raisin!!! First Goldman’s closed now the raisin might be gone too? What has Milwaukee come to?”

    “I have grown up with candy raisins and my childern also have grown up with the candy .It would be a sad day if the candy was gone for good”

    “A favorite of my mom’s — I inherited the love for candy raisins! Now my daughters love them, too! We live in the Chicago area and whenever we come to Milwaukee, we always stop to stock up on candy raisins! Forever live the candy raisin!”

    “Please continue to make Candy Raisins, the are a very sweet memory of my past and would like my children to contine the memory.”

    “My family LOVES candy raisins. Please don’t let them go the way of other candies from my childhood, like Bonomo Taffy!!!”

    “I love them and have been eating them for over 40 years. One of my favorite candies.”

    “I Love them…….I am eating them right now!!!”

    “I love candy raisins! Please, please, please keep making them!”

    “I grew up in Racine Wi and this are part of my childhood memories along with kringle. Please do not take them away.”

    “Candy Raisins are an important piece of Americana, and must be saved from extinction.”

    “Candy Raisins are the best! My dad gave them to me as a kid!”

    “Instead of scaling back or ceasing production these little gems should be marketed across the US to a larger market.”

    “I LOVE these things and have been eating them for 50 years. I sometimes have a hard time finding them, but when I do, the bag doesn’t last long. PLEASE don’t take away my candy raisins!! Candy Raisin Love in Kewaskum”

    “Candy of the Gods!! Not a good idea to incur their wrath.”

    “Don’t lose another Wisconsin icon!”

    “Goldman’s Gone - now the raisins going too??”

    “I agree with the guy who suggests putting forth a better marketing effort. Candy raisins are awesome, for crying out loud! Please keep making them!!!!”

    “This is my favorite candy but am unable to get this on the West coast…don’t stop making them!”

    “My dad and sister love these candies. I would hate to see them go.”

    “Save candy raisins! They are one of my favorites.”

    “If we lose Candy Raisins, the terrorists have won.”