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    Welcome to our little corner of cyberspace dedicated to saving a staple of our Wisconsin childhood - the Candy Raisin.

    As a kid growing up in the Milwaukee area in the 70s there were several things that were icons of my childhood - JicJac Soda, Leon’s custard and candy raisins are three that jump to mind. Leon’s is still hanging in there, but JicJac is gone and now, candy raisins are being threatened with extinction.

    What are they? - Candy Raisins are a strange little nugget. They are a translucent, honey colored candy similar in shape to a jujube. They have the texture of Dots and a unique flavor. The best I can describe their flavor is a light ginger taste. You find them in bulk candy stores and in the retail packaging seen in the site’s header.

    History - Candy Raisins were originally manufactured by three companies: American Candy Company, the Ziegler Candy Company and the Haase Candy Company. Stark Candy Company began making its own version of the Candy Raisins in the early 1970s. Today, the Stark Candy Co. (part of the New England Candy Co, or NECCO) is the only company still manufacturing this juju candy. Stark trademarked the candy in 1976. They are a Midwest, and almost exclusively Milwaukee, thing.

    Well, according to a recent article in today’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, NECCO is closing the Stark Candy plant in Pewaukee, WI - and they are unsure if they will continue to manufacture these sweet little gems.

    If you are so inclined, please sign our petition, which will be forwarded to the folks at NECCO to let them know that there is some serious grassroots support for Candy Raisins.

    Also, feel free to drop a little note to the fine folks at NECCO and let them know how you feel.