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  • Candy Raisins Update - 05/04/12

    Hey Folks,

    I know it’s been a while.  I’ve been in mourning over the loss of our beloved Candy Raisins.

    I do have one bit of news to share.  The folks at Half Nuts in West Allis, WI have begun selling something called Candy Sunshine - “Inspired by the Original.”  According to their site… “Candy Sunshine was not made from the original recipe for Stark’s Candy Raisins, and will taste differently for everyone.”  It certainly doesn’t help that those bastards at NECCO won’t cough up the formula.

    Candy Sunshine 

    I literally just learned of these this evening… Jim, a fan of our site emailed a while ago with this review… “I just returned from shopping at Sendick’s Food store in Milwaukee WI. I purchased an item called “Candy Sunshine”. It was packaged from bulk, without any company ID on it. It’s apparent that someone has tried to develop the Candy Raisins formula, which I would guess is still copyrighted. This product is a good effort, but they have a ways to go. On a scale of 1-10, I would rate it as follows: texture-10; color-9; flavor-7. It was quite pricy, at $4.99 lb. Those in the Milwaukee area might want to try it. “

    Also, here’s a link to Osmanium candy company of Milwaukee, WI and the official Candy Sunshine website.

    UPDATE to the UPDATE: After reading comments on Candy Sunshine’s Facebook page, it sounds like these just came out in March, and initial batches were just OK, but subsequent batches are getting better based on customer feedback.  Apparently the first ones were a bit too soft (like fresh DOTS) and now they’re putting them through a drying process to give them more of that waxy texture we remember so fondly.