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  • ALERT: Candy Raisins Have Been Discontinued

    This is not a drill folks, we’ve received official word that Candy Raisins have been discontinued!

    Mary Ziegler, owner of Half Nuts in West Allis, WI wrote us to say that they are out, and have been told by NECCO, maker of our beloved Candy Raisins, that they don’t plan to make any more.

    Another fan of the site states, “I just received an email from NECCO, they have discontinued all production of the candy raisins.  They are OUT OF STOCK and will no longer be available.”

    So, we need to mobilize.  Here’s the link with all the contact info for NECCO.  Call, write and mail them and let them know that you want them to continue making Candy Raisins.  We need to move fast.