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  • Response to our “Open Letter”

    Two weeks ago we wrote our official SaveTheCandyRaisins.com letter to NECCO asking them to, what else, save the candy raisins. Well, late yesterday we finally received an official response from them. While there is still no word on the fate of candy raisins, we’re on their radar.

    Dear Mr. Radke,

    We have been monitoring your website closely and have been impressed with how quickly your signatures are climbing. Let us assure you that we are taking every consideration in rendering a decision regarding the continuation of all of the products that have been manufactured in our Wisconsin facility. It was difficult enough to decide to close the Wisconsin facility and we are weighing all our options and the economic sense of relocating products that we do not already make in common. Raisins happen to be in that category.

    We expect this decision to be rendered within the next month. We admire you and your petitioners devotion to the product and will certainly keep that in mind. In the mean time, might I suggest that you tip the tide in your favor and eat more raisins. The better sales look, the better the chances……

    Best Regards,

    Jeff Green
    Vice President Quality & Research
    New England Confectionery Co.

    Loyal reader KB from Plymouth, MN emailed us on 3/31 forwarding the response she received from NECCO customer service. We’re optimistic, but until we get some sort of official word from a muckety muck, I think we just need to keep on getting the word out (and buying raisins to send to our friends and releatives out of the area):

    Subject: RE: Compliments
    Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2008 16:29:05 -0400
    From: In_fo@Necco.com
    To: KB

    Dear Mrs. B:


    Candy Raisins will continue to be manufactured in the Massachusetts factory.


    Customer Service