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    You know what today is? It’s a perfect day to go out and buy a bag of Candy Raisins!

    While we hope that our words will get the attention of the makers of these great treats, we know that our actions can get their attention. In our estimation, the more Candy Raisins we buy, the better the chances are of NECCO continuing production of our favorite treat.

    So enjoy some of that spring weather and walk down to the corner store to get yourself a few bags of Candy Raisins. Share ‘em with your friends & family. And if you’re one of the many transplanted Wisconsinites who have written in and shared their stories with us, call or email your friends & family back in the Badger state and get them to send you a few pounds of Candy Raisins. It’s always a good time to re-connect with friends & family, and it’s always a good time to enjoy Candy Raisins!

    Click here for a couple places to buy Candy Raisins. Stock up while they’re still available. If you know of any other locations, either online or off, let us know and we’ll list them on the site.