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  • An Open Letter to NECCO

    Now that we’ve generated some web traffic, and more importantly, petition signatures, I figured it was time to contact the company all this is directed at. If/when I receive a response, I’ll be sure to share it here on the site.

    Dear NECCO Representatives,

    My name is Gary Radke, and I’m the creator of www.SaveTheCandyRaisins.com. When news of the Stark plant closure reached my friends and I, we were disappointed, to say the least. I’m certainly not unrealistic… I understand the competitive landscape has changed, and difficult business decisions need to be made.

    All I can ask is that you take a look at the number of folks who have signed the petition on our site, and the incredibly emotional comments they have left about your Candy Raisins. This little candy has been a significant part of the fabric of Milwaukee and Wisconsin for decades.

    Thank you for your time and consideration in keeping the Candy Raisin alive.

    Gary Radke
    Chief Sweet Tooth